Getting Ready For Star Trek Picard

Are you excited about the return of Captain Picard?!?!  We are!!  Do you have a friend/spouse/pet who might need a little refresher course on who this Picard guy is and what the heck is going on with these Borg people?  Well, we put together a list of episodes to watch while you’re waiting.  Think of it as a little Star Trek Picard primer based on what we know so far about the show. You have a few months to get ready but if you don’t want to marathon all of TNG & Voyager, this watch list should help. 

First– the basics. You’ll be introduced to Captain Picard, Data, and the Borg.
– Star Trek TNG – S1. E13. Datalore
– Star Trek TNG – S2. E9. Measure of a Man.
– Star Trek TNG – S3. E26. & S4. E1. Best of Both Worlds (parts 1 & 2)
– Star Trek TNG – S4. E2. Family
– Star Trek TNG – S4. E3. Brothers
– Star Trek TNG – S5. E23. I Borg
– Star Trek TNG – S5. E25. The Inner Light
– Star Trek TNG – S6. E15. Tapestry
– Star Trek TNG – S6. E26. & S7. E1. Descent (parts 1 & 2)
– Star Trek TNG- S7. E25 & 26. All Good Things (parts 1 & 2)
– Star Trek: Generations
– Star Trek: First Contact

Then you’ll want to know who Seven on Nine is!
– Star Trek VOY – S3. E26. & S4. E1. Scorpion (parts 1 & 2)
– Star Trek VOY – S4. E2. The Gift
– Star Trek VOY – S6. E16. Collective
– Star Trek VOY – S7. E18 Human Error
– Star Trek VOY – S7. E 25 & 26. Endgame (pats 1 & 2)

Then wrap up the Picard & Data story
– Star Trek: Nemesis

Finally, I think the 24th-century events in this film will matter a lot– specifically what happens to the planet Romulus.
– Star Trek (2009)

Check out this episode!

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