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TNG Rewatch: “The Bonding”

Season 3, Episode 5 Watcher: Erin (flying solo) Last night, I settled in to enjoy a very special episode of TNG: The Bonding. Off we go! Worf is leading an away team down to a (presumably) uninhabited planet, when Troi … Continue reading

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TNG Re-Watch: "The Child" vs "The Child"

“The Child” script was originally written in 1977 by Jaron Summers & Jon Povillfor for a planned TV series called Star Trek: Phase II.  Paramount passed on that series and the script for the pilot episode was redeveloped into Star … Continue reading

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Marina Sirtis Should Be the New Voice of the Computer!

Ever since the passing of Majel Barrett Roddenberry in 2008, there has been talk of who should voice the computer in in Star Trek 2012. Often called the First Lady of Star Trek, Ms. Roddenberry voiced the computer in every … Continue reading

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