Discovering Discovery

star-trek-discoveryHello everyone!  Mike here.  Just in case you’ve been living in a cave: STAR TREK DISCOVERY HAS PREMIERED!!! I watched both episodes of the series “pilot” and I LOVED IT!  Here are some random thoughts:


  • I love that these Starfleet officers have had years of peace (the Romulan War is long over and they haven’t seen a Klingon in 100 years).  They are explorers – first and foremost.  They’ve done battle drills and training but they have no real military experience.
  • rs_1024x759-170925065810-1024.Nichelle-Nichols-Sonequa-Martin-JR-092517Sonequa Martin-Green is brilliant.  I love her and can’t wait to see where she takes the character of Michael Burnham.   I also want to say how happy I am to see a woman of color leading this show!!
  • I wasn’t familiar with Michelle Yeoh before this and I’ll be honest– I was hesitant about her based on the trailer.  I’m happy to say that hesitation was unfounded.  She delivers a powerful and subtle performance as Captain Georgiou.  I feel like I immediately knew who she was and understood her command style.  I would
  • Star Trek has always been used by writers (like Gene Roddenberry) to make a statement about our current issues.  Using aliens as an allegory the writers can hold a mirror up to us and make us see our flaws.  Bearing that in mind, I saw the Klingons as a clear stand-in for the white supremacists and alt-right extremists (i.e. Nazis) that are in the news today.  They are anti-immigration – in that they think the Federation is pressing against their borders.  They are obsessed with the purity of their race– and unifying all Klingons under one nationalistic flag.  T’Kuvma is a messiah-like zealot who could easily be compared to any number of dangerous political figures today.  This is good Star Trek!
  • Saru is clearly the stand-out supporting character.  I love how alien he is– almost like Arex from the animated series.  He could be the Spock/Data/Odo/7 of this series.
  • The sound effects are SPOT ON!  I love that they worked in so many sounds from previous Trek shows.
  • The main title is a beautiful piece of music and the animation was boldly different from all other Trek shows.
  • The uniforms look great!!  I love the blue.  It ties in nicely with Enterprise and the Kelvin.  The new insignias are slick!
  • So many good things to talk about!  The ships, the special effects, the props, the dialog all honor what has come before.  Very nice.

My only issues:

  • I really hated the holographic communication technology.  I’m ok with this show looking more advanced than TOS due to the realities of TV production today.  I want the tech to look super cool and not like a 60’s low budget tv show.  However, I see no advantage to changing canon and ditching view-screen communication for holograms.  There’s no point to it- other than it looks cool.  I know I JUST said that I want the show to look cool, but I also want it to look like Star Trek.  The holograms just feel too Star Wars for me.  It’s a pointless upgrade that messes up canon.
  • The Klingons are cool looking but I wish they had hair.  More importantly, I wish they had better dentures!  The false teeth seemed to get in the actors’ way and caused them to speak slowly and with difficulty.
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