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Which USS Enterprise Has The Best Bridge?

Ok- get ready everyone.  This blog entry is going to be just about as geeky as they come!  Within it I will attempt to answer the question, which USS Enterprise had the best bridge design! A disclaimer– I do not … Continue reading

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Who is the Best Star Trek Captain?

It’s a subject that is certainly up for debate!  As I described in a previous entry, it’s hard to compare Kirk and Picard.  However, I now propose that there is a compromise…. 

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Kirk vs Picard

I woke up this morning at 6am and just couldn’t get back to sleep no mater how hard I tried.  My mind simply would not calm down- and for some reason I was wrestling one issue: KIRK VS PICARD.  Ohhh … Continue reading

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Star Trek vs Star Wars

Hatfields and McCoys. Capulets and Montagues. Boxers and Briefs. Some rivalries are ages old and none is greater than the battle between Star Trek and Star Wars.  Nerds have been arguing over the finer points of these scifi franchises for … Continue reading

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