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“A” Bridge Too Far?

  We got our first glimpse of the new USS Enterprise A’s bridge at the end of Star Trek IV.  It was bright and shiny!  I’m sure it still had that “new Starship smell” too.  Of course this was really just redress … Continue reading

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Which USS Enterprise Has The Best Bridge?

Ok- get ready everyone.  This blog entry is going to be just about as geeky as they come!  Within it I will attempt to answer the question, which USS Enterprise had the best bridge design! A disclaimer– I do not … Continue reading

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Blinking Lights & Glowing Diagrams

There’s a great Star Trek screensaver out there called System 47 from the folks over at mewho.com. It’s been around for years and simulates a computer display on the U.S.S. Enterprise E circa Star Trek: First Contact. The graphics and … Continue reading

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