Welcome to Hailing Frequencies Open – A Star Trek Podcast, where we take a look at the impact that Star Trek has had on our culture today.  We also cover Star Trek news and take a critical and amusing look Trek on film, in print, and on the web.

We’ve been worked on a “Star Trek: TNG ReWatch” project!  With the help of our friends and co-hosts,  we’re watching every episode of Star Trek The Next Generation and asking how it holds up by today’s televisions standards.  

In addition to our re-watch project, you can find lots of fun Trek info, opinions and news by navigating the Tags to the right.  Have an idea of what you want to see?  Drop me a line below or tweet us! @hailingfreqopen

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Who We Are

Mike – Something magical happened one day in 1987 when Star Trek: The Next Generation premiered on television.  A fan was born!  As soon as I’d seen the pilot episode I was hooked and hungry to consume all things Trek.  I quickly discovered TOS and TAS, the comics, the films, the novels, tech manuals… the list goes on.  I couldn’t get enough then and I can’t get enough now.  I have explored many avenues to express my fandom like attending conventions, cosplaying, joining fan clubs like SFI and IFT.  Eventually my path led me here- writing this little blog.  Welcome to my obsession!   @themikejones

Erin – I grew up in a house where TOS was sacrosanct, so my great act of rebellion was to dive headfirst into TNG. And, despite having seen every episode dozens of times over the years, I still cannot turn away when I click past an episode showing in syndication. Today, I am married to a man who has collected every single issue of Amazing Spider-Man and who blogs and podcasts extensively on the subject – and he thinks that I am the nerd in our relationship. Follow me on Twitter: @ErinHadley


Ben – Ben Whitmore is a life-long Trekkie and connoisseur of all things Geek. Though my fandoms are legion, Star Trek: TNG holds a special place in my nerdy heart as it was truly my gateway sci-fi franchise for me as a youngling. Growing up watching TNG in syndication most weekday afternoons doing homework became a ritual for me as a young Trekkie. I then discovered the Star Trek films, and (still) love arguing endlessly with my Dad about Picard vs. Kirk. All my family members are required to join in a rousing chorus of “KHAAAAAAANNNNN” EVERY. TIME. As is the time-honored tradition on our “bridge” aka in my living room. When not seeking out new life and new civilizations, I work in the entertainment industry as an actor and stage carpenter. My wife (Debbie) and I love geeking out on anime, tabletop games, movies, and live our lives to celebrate all things Geek… Boldly Go! @FindingBen

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