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Kate Mulgrew’s Memoir: Born With Teeth – Book Signing

Yesterday I have an experience that only comes once in a lifetime.  You see, my schedule seldom allows me to attend Star Trek Conventions.  They tend to happen in the Summer and I’m usually working then.  So I’ve not met … Continue reading

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Who is the Best Star Trek Captain?

It’s a subject that is certainly up for debate!  As I described in a previous entry, it’s hard to compare Kirk and Picard.  However, I now propose that there is a compromise…. 

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I Found Star Trek on Broadway??

Once a year theatre professionals, actors, stage managers, stage hands, dramatists, volunteers, retailers, theatre managers, etc pull their resources and hold a big ole yard sale for charity!  The annual Broadway Flea Market benefits Broadway Cares/Equity Fights Aids. At this … Continue reading

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"There’s coffee in that nebula"

As I mentioned in an earlier post, I’m introducing Star Trek Voyager to my partner Tim. We’re currently in season 6 of our marathon and Tim has come to love 7 of 9 (of course). Jeri Ryan is really talented … Continue reading

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Twitter Trek

Some guys start their day with a cup of coffee and reading the morning newspaper. I start my day with a bowl of cereal and reading Star Trek News! I always check the news feed at the official CBS web … Continue reading

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Voyager thoughts..

First, let me say HAPPY FIRST CONTACT DAY! Now on the main topic-I’ve had the exciting experience of introducing Star Trek to my partner Tim. He had watched some Next Generation (TNG) as a child but didn’t really remember much … Continue reading

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