Gender Swapping Star Trek TOS

The Women at Warp Podcast recently tackled a fascinating topic that got me thinking.  In Episode 49: “Would Kirk Wear a Mini Skirt?”  they re-cast the roles of Kirk, Spock, McCoy, etc with actresses from the 60’s.  Likewise with the roles of Uhura, Chapel, & Rand as men.  I thought I’d tackle this topic myself!

Kirk : Honor Blackmanmv5bmjexmdg4mdgwnf5bml5banbnxkftztywnta5nju2-_v1_uy317_cr540214317_al_

Maybe best known for the role of Pussy Galore in the James Bond film Goldfinger, Honor Blackman is a brilliant English actress who carries herself with gravitas and command.  She would be the perfect female Kirk, in my opinion.

Spock : Majel Barret 59976e57f9bebcee7a2d9c31a4bca8684d796e5c

This one is a bit of a cheat.  Majel Barret’s “Number One” character was in many ways a precursor to the emotionless Vulcan that Spock became.   Clearly, she could handle this role with ease.

McCoy : Barbara FeldmanBarbara Feldon

Best known as Agent 99 in the tv series Get Smart, Feldman’s comedic skills lend themselves to our favorite country doctor in space.  I’d also love to hear her say “He’s dead, Jane”.

Scotty : Judy Denchjudi_dench

Though not Scottish, I’m sure Dame Judy could handle the role of Scotty.  She has great comedic skills and her Shakespeare background would allow her to handle the elevated language of technobable.

Uhura : Brock Petersbrock_peters_1961

I mean, RIGHT?  Peters was years away from being a Star Trek actor in 1966, but he would fit right in on the bridge of the Enterprise.  For his audition tape I would direct you to Star Trek VI.

Sulu : Nancy Kwannancy-kwan

She’s best known for her portrayal of the title character in The World of Suzie Wong, but I know her from the film version of Flower Drum Song.  I have to admit, she MIGHT be the only Asian actress I really know from the 60’s.

Chekov : Yvonne Craigyvonnecraig5

Another Star Trek alum (Marta in “Whom Gods Destroy”), Craig is best known as TV’s Batgirl.  She’s cute, quirky and I bet she could do a fun Russian (though not accurate) Russian accent.  🙂

Nurse Chapel : Alan Aldaimgres

This one I stole from the Women at Warp.  Nurse Chapel was the hardest role to cast for me.  I think Alan Alda could handle it though.  Perhaps he’d pine after Majel Barret’s Spock.

Yeoman Rand : Burt Ward


Best known as Robin on the tv series Batman, Ward could be a great Yeoman Rand– heating up coffee with a phaser, bringing Honor Blackman her salad, etc.  His youthful innocence is perfect.

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3 Responses to Gender Swapping Star Trek TOS

  1. Nancy says:

    I love this! Great choices!

  2. Mark2000 says:

    You’re being a agist with McCoy and Scotty. They’re both purposefully the oldest people in the main cast and an average of 15 years older than the women you picked for their roles. Barbara Feldon especially doesn’t fit McCoy. She’s too glamorous and put together. A friend of mine mentioned Barbara Stanwyck and Joan Bennett, both of whom I think would have done a good job.

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