Best Star Trek Crew Ever

EDITOR’S NOTE: This entry was originally published in November of 2015.  But I was recently inspired to re-visit this topic.  Here we go:

Three of my favorite Podcasts recently tackled the hypothetical undertaking of creating the perfect Star Trek crew out of all the characters in the franchise.  You can check out the crews Jason & Ashley came up with over at Geek History Lesson, the crews that Tristan & Char came up with over at To The Journey and most recently, the crew that Bill & Dan came up with over at the Trek Geeks Podcast .    But here is my Star Trek supercrew!

bd4aac6f0f343265e66abb9596f02647Captain:  Admiral Kathryn Janeway

I have to go with my favorite Captain.  I think Janeway has the drive & determination that a good leader needs.  And she’s not afraid to get her hands dirty and be a part of the team– as well as lead it.  She also comes with a great deal of experience.  This isn’t the “just took command of the Voyager” version of Janeway.  Rather  Admiral Janeway survived the year of hell, beat the Borg, and she found coffee in that nebula!

e182b2d99c4dd8ae1ef20ebe6da82ec0First Officer: Commander Data 

You can’t go wrong with everyone’s favorite android!  Data can easily manage all the duties of the running a starship as the XO and problem solve any situation in nanoseconds.  I think he pairs well with Janeway’s scientific style.  Also, he looks great in red.



Chief Medical Officer: The Doctor

Much like Data, the Doctor is a walking encyclopedia of knowledge.  No other doctor can compare to him- period.  Not to mention he was the most interesting character on Voyager.



Chief Engineer: Lt. Commander Montgomery Scott

He was flying Starships when your grandfather was in diapers!  He wrote the book and then threw it out the window!  Scotty is the one and only miracle worker.


eye-of-the-beholder-counselor-deanna-troi-24188692-694-530Ship’s Counselor: Commander Deanna Troi

I just love her and her obsession with chocolate.  Plus her empathic abilities come in handy more often than not.  I want to clarify, however, that is Troi AFTER she puts on a real uniform!



Operations Officer: Commander Nyota Uhura

Uhura is highly intelligent, speaks multiple languages and is a skilled technician.   24th century starships may no longer have Communication officers on the bridge but Uhura’s muli-tasking abilities will make her a great Operations officer.


medium_trek-dream-team-spockScience Officer: Commander Spock

No one is more dedicated to science than Mr. Spock.  He has a innate curiosity for anything he finds “fascinating” and I think would be a great asset to any scientific mission. Plus he’s just a great character.



Chief of Security: Constable Odo

Odo is Star Trek’s greatest detective.  He will not only keep the crew safe but has the kind of  “street smarts” that will keep any away team a step ahead of the game.



Tactical Officer: Lt. Commander Worf

I like the idea of separating Tactical from Security.  They are really two different departments.  I think our ship has a much better chance of survival with Worf manning the weapons console.

startrekbeyond_sulutvspotConn Officer: Lieutenant Hikaru Sulu

Sulu is an amazing helmsman.  And As Kirk said in TWOK: “I for one am glad to have you at the helm… I don’t think these kids can steer.”  Specifically I’ve selected the Kelvin Timeline version of Sulu.  As much as I love George Takei, as a gay Trekker I have to go with the version of Sulu who we know is out & proud.  #Hero


Rookie/Kid: Ensign Jean Luc Picard (via a temporal anomaly)

This isn’t the mature wise diplomat version of Picard.  This is the young head strong Ensign who took matters into his own hands when his friends were being cheated.  He won the Starfleet marathon as a freshman and is an accomplished wrestler.


Wild Card: Wesley Crusher (as a Traveler) 

As a traveler he won’t be on the ship full time but will pop in and out.  A little Wesley goes a long way, but he was one my favorite characters when I was a kid. I related to him and even envied him. And hey, he can phase out of our dimension and make the ship go really fast.  That’ll come in handy some day!


Ship: U.S.S. Enterprise NCC-1701-D

Bottom line: the best ship in the fleet!  I love Andy Probert’s design and the Sternbach blueprints.  This ship is so well thought out and is the most impressive vessel in Star Trek imho.



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  1. ohtheprofanity says:

    Thanks for the mention! Excellent choices for your super crew. 🙂

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