Hailing Frequencies Open: A Star Trek Podcast – Episode 2

02a3The crew of HFO are back and more naked than ever! In Episode 2, they encounter S1E2: THE NAKED NOW, and its going to their heads. While the Enterprise is observing a collapsing star, the away team encounters a science vessel where things have gone horribly and inexplicably wrong. Eventually, the crew begins to show signs of a strange intoxication and Wesley has control of the ship? Relevant to the TOS episode: THE NAKED TIME, the crew examine the relationship between these two episodes and the ideas behind them. Let’s boldly go!

Hailing Frequencies Open Podcast Episode

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Podcast Ep. #1 – Encounter At Farpoint


Hailing Frequencies Open – Episode 1

Hello world!  Our very first podcast episode is live now!


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Gender Swapping Star Trek TOS

The Women at Warp Podcast recently tackled a fascinating topic that got me thinking.  In Episode 49: “Would Kirk Wear a Mini Skirt?”  they re-cast the roles of Kirk, Spock, McCoy, etc with actresses from the 60’s.  Likewise with the roles of Uhura, Chapel, & Rand as men.  I thought I’d tackle this topic myself!

Kirk : Honor Blackmanmv5bmjexmdg4mdgwnf5bml5banbnxkftztywnta5nju2-_v1_uy317_cr540214317_al_

Maybe best known for the role of Pussy Galore in the James Bond film Goldfinger, Honor Blackman is a brilliant English actress who carries herself with gravitas and command.  She would be the perfect female Kirk, in my opinion.

Spock : Majel Barret 59976e57f9bebcee7a2d9c31a4bca8684d796e5c

This one is a bit of a cheat.  Majel Barret’s “Number One” character was in many ways a precursor to the emotionless Vulcan that Spock became.   Clearly, she could handle this role with ease.

McCoy : Barbara FeldmanBarbara Feldon

Best known as Agent 99 in the tv series Get Smart, Feldman’s comedic skills lend themselves to our favorite country doctor in space.  I’d also love to hear her say “He’s dead, Jane”.

Scotty : Judy Denchjudi_dench

Though not Scottish, I’m sure Dame Judy could handle the role of Scotty.  She has great comedic skills and her Shakespeare background would allow her to handle the elevated language of technobable.

Uhura : Brock Petersbrock_peters_1961

I mean, RIGHT?  Peters was years away from being a Star Trek actor in 1966, but he would fit right in on the bridge of the Enterprise.  For his audition tape I would direct you to Star Trek VI.

Sulu : Nancy Kwannancy-kwan

She’s best known for her portrayal of the title character in The World of Suzie Wong, but I know her from the film version of Flower Drum Song.  I have to admit, she MIGHT be the only Asian actress I really know from the 60’s.

Chekov : Yvonne Craigyvonnecraig5

Another Star Trek alum (Marta in “Whom Gods Destroy”), Craig is best known as TV’s Batgirl.  She’s cute, quirky and I bet she could do a fun Russian (though not accurate) Russian accent.  🙂

Nurse Chapel : Alan Aldaimgres

This one I stole from the Women at Warp.  Nurse Chapel was the hardest role to cast for me.  I think Alan Alda could handle it though.  Perhaps he’d pine after Majel Barret’s Spock.

Yeoman Rand : Burt Ward


Best known as Robin on the tv series Batman, Ward could be a great Yeoman Rand– heating up coffee with a phaser, bringing Honor Blackman her salad, etc.  His youthful innocence is perfect.

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Best Star Trek Crew Ever

EDITOR’S NOTE: This entry was originally published in November of 2015.  But I was recently inspired to re-visit this topic.  Here we go:

Three of my favorite Podcasts recently tackled the hypothetical undertaking of creating the perfect Star Trek crew out of all the characters in the franchise.  You can check out the crews Jason & Ashley came up with over at Geek History Lesson, the crews that Tristan & Char came up with over at To The Journey and most recently, the crew that Bill & Dan came up with over at the Trek Geeks Podcast .    But here is my Star Trek supercrew!

bd4aac6f0f343265e66abb9596f02647Captain:  Admiral Kathryn Janeway

I have to go with my favorite Captain.  I think Janeway has the drive & determination that a good leader needs.  And she’s not afraid to get her hands dirty and be a part of the team– as well as lead it.  She also comes with a great deal of experience.  This isn’t the “just took command of the Voyager” version of Janeway.  Rather  Admiral Janeway survived the year of hell, beat the Borg, and she found coffee in that nebula!

e182b2d99c4dd8ae1ef20ebe6da82ec0First Officer: Commander Data 

You can’t go wrong with everyone’s favorite android!  Data can easily manage all the duties of the running a starship as the XO and problem solve any situation in nanoseconds.  I think he pairs well with Janeway’s scientific style.  Also, he looks great in red.



Chief Medical Officer: The Doctor

Much like Data, the Doctor is a walking encyclopedia of knowledge.  No other doctor can compare to him- period.  Not to mention he was the most interesting character on Voyager.



Chief Engineer: Lt. Commander Montgomery Scott

He was flying Starships when your grandfather was in diapers!  He wrote the book and then threw it out the window!  Scotty is the one and only miracle worker.


eye-of-the-beholder-counselor-deanna-troi-24188692-694-530Ship’s Counselor: Commander Deanna Troi

I just love her and her obsession with chocolate.  Plus her empathic abilities come in handy more often than not.  I want to clarify, however, that is Troi AFTER she puts on a real uniform!



Operations Officer: Commander Nyota Uhura

Uhura is highly intelligent, speaks multiple languages and is a skilled technician.   24th century starships may no longer have Communication officers on the bridge but Uhura’s muli-tasking abilities will make her a great Operations officer.


medium_trek-dream-team-spockScience Officer: Commander Spock

No one is more dedicated to science than Mr. Spock.  He has a innate curiosity for anything he finds “fascinating” and I think would be a great asset to any scientific mission. Plus he’s just a great character.



Chief of Security: Constable Odo

Odo is Star Trek’s greatest detective.  He will not only keep the crew safe but has the kind of  “street smarts” that will keep any away team a step ahead of the game.



Tactical Officer: Lt. Commander Worf

I like the idea of separating Tactical from Security.  They are really two different departments.  I think our ship has a much better chance of survival with Worf manning the weapons console.

startrekbeyond_sulutvspotConn Officer: Lieutenant Hikaru Sulu

Sulu is an amazing helmsman.  And As Kirk said in TWOK: “I for one am glad to have you at the helm… I don’t think these kids can steer.”  Specifically I’ve selected the Kelvin Timeline version of Sulu.  As much as I love George Takei, as a gay Trekker I have to go with the version of Sulu who we know is out & proud.  #Hero


Rookie/Kid: Ensign Jean Luc Picard (via a temporal anomaly)

This isn’t the mature wise diplomat version of Picard.  This is the young head strong Ensign who took matters into his own hands when his friends were being cheated.  He won the Starfleet marathon as a freshman and is an accomplished wrestler.


Wild Card: Wesley Crusher (as a Traveler) 

As a traveler he won’t be on the ship full time but will pop in and out.  A little Wesley goes a long way, but he was one my favorite characters when I was a kid. I related to him and even envied him. And hey, he can phase out of our dimension and make the ship go really fast.  That’ll come in handy some day!


Ship: U.S.S. Enterprise NCC-1701-D

Bottom line: the best ship in the fleet!  I love Andy Probert’s design and the Sternbach blueprints.  This ship is so well thought out and is the most impressive vessel in Star Trek imho.



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Update on Mike

IMG_3681Hello everyone!

You may be wondering about the radio silence here on the blog over the past few months.  I’ve been dealing with some medical issues and am currently recovering from spine surgery.  But not to fear- the blog will be back soon along with the launch of our new podcast!  Stay tuned!  – Mike Jones

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“Star Trek Discovery” coming to CBS All Access in 2017!

CoFQpb4XgAEGpwgBryan Fuller has announced some details about the new Star Trek show coming in 2017 to CBS All Access.  The title of the new show will be Star Trek Discovery and the ship will be the USS Discovery NCC-1031.  The design is heavily based on the Star Trek Planet of the Titans Enterprise that Ralph McQuarrie designed back in the 70’s.  Check out the official tweet & preview video below!  Fuller also said that Star Trek Discovery will not be not episodic. Instead the writers are telling stories like a novel, chapter by chapter.  He also confirmed that it’s set in the prime universe (not the Kelvin timeline)! 

I think the name is a wonderful tribute to the Discovery Space Shuttle, currently on display in the Smithsonian.  But it also speaks to the best of Star Trek– the sense of adventure and exploration!

Of course now I have many many more questions.

  1. When is the show set?  This doesn’t look like a TNG era ship.
  2. Who is in the crew? I can’t wait to hear about casting!
  3. Fuller also said that Janeway is his favorite captain!  Here’s hoping for a female captain in Star Trek Discovery!


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Star Trek Beyond : In Theaters NOW!

IMG_3511Hello!  This is Mike reporting.  Ben and I went to see Star Trek Beyond this weekend.  I hope to do a full review post later, but I just want to say I LOVED IT!!   It really focused on the character relationships– characters that we’ve known for 50 years so clearly we have strong feelings about these people.  As hardcore fans, this crew is like part of our family.  Star Trek Beyond respects these family members.  Let’s just say, I teared up a couple of times.

The moment when Sulu’s family greats him at the spacedock… I’m still overwhelmed.  It was a simple scene that means A LOT for gay Trekkie.


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The Big Chair

Bryan Fuller tweeted out what we assume is a picture of the Captain’s chair for the 2017 tv show!  Here it is!


JJchairIt looks great, right?!  I love the wide arms- plenty of room for control panels.  It seems to be inspired by the Kelvin timeline USS Enterprise chair.  The more I look at this bridge the more I like it.  That include’s Pine-Kirk’s command chair.  I love the width of it!  It really “commands” the room.  I’d love to know what the controls on the arms do.  Bottom line– it’s a great chair on a great modern bridge.

VoyChairWith this posting, I decided it might be fun to take a look back at previous captain’s chairs.  Some are better than others.  I mean, poor Captain Janeway had to share one computer interface with her first officer.  It just doesn’t say “COMMAND”.  Maybe it’s because her seat isn’t centered in the bridge.  The CO and XO’s seats split center.

Build the Enterprise Captain's ChairCaptain Picard went thru a few chairs but the one that stands out is the USS Enterprise D chair from seasons 2-7 of The next Generation.  It looks comfy, right?  It’s only beige chair in our list, that’s for sure.  By itself that color choice might look odd, but in place on the bridge it fits right in.  The D bridge was designed to look comfortable and welcoming.  It was a ship of exploration on a mission to make peaceful contact with new species.  A comfy bridge makes perfect sense.

captain_kirk_chair_beauty_shotBy far the most famous command chair is Captain Kirk’s from The Original Series. This chair was built from an actual executive office chair from the 60’s.  Of course it was modified, but it still keeps that mid century design aesthetic.  This is the chair a young Mike Jones used to pretend he had.  I even make mock-ups of the control panels and taped them to the arms of my Mom’s recliner. This is a classic. It’s here to stay. I just wish it had a head rest (like the one if “Mirror Mirror” does).

340584_10101051236430835_2010239513_oOf course there are many more captains chairs from the TV shows, the movies, etc.  Picard upgrades to a dark red leather chair in the Enterprise E.  Sisco had a nice chair in the Defiant that had free-standing control consoles on both sides.  That was a cool idea.

So- which is my personal favorite?  I have to go with Kirk’s classic chair!  It’s held up in pop culture for 50 years and isn’t going anywhere soon!

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Sky Cinema releases new “Ultimate Star Trek Crew” video

Check out this awesome Star Trek video from #SkyCinema in the UK – boldly going where no channel has gone before…

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Mike’s Ranking of the Trek Movies

every-star-trek-movie-posterStar Trek Beyond comes out this week!!!  Are you excited?!?  I know I am!  In preparation for the new movie (#13 to be exact) I’ve been watching the entire Trek movie canon. It’s been a fun journey and I thought I’d rank the 12 films here.  This is entirely my personal preference– I’m not a film critic, just a trekkie.  🙂

The Worst

startrek-v-kirk-spock-mccoy12. Star Trek V: The Final Frontier – By far the worst Star Trek film.  But Star Trek is kind of like Pizza.  Even when it’s bad it’s pretty good.  There are some great scenes in this film- especially with Kirk, Spock, & Bones around the campfire.

Sovereign_Crew_Quarters11. Star Trek Nemesis Often called the film that killed the franchise, the main problem with Nemesis is often put squarely on the director, Stuart Baird.  He lacked an understanding of the characters and Roddenberry’s universe.  Still, it’s better than V.

Star-Trek-3-Kirk10. Star Trek III: The Search for Spock – Honestly, the only reason I watch this film is that it bridges the gap between II & IV and without it Spock’s journey is incomplete.


The Good

main-star-trek-into-darkness9. Star Trek Into Darkness – Again, this film has its moments but overall doesn’t fit into the Star Trek universe.  Meant as an homage to Star Trek II, the film borrows too much of its plot from the classic.  It feels more like an issue of the IDW Star Trek comic book series than as a major motion picture.

o-STAR-TREK-INSURRECTION-facebook8. Star Trek Insurrection – I really struggled with where to put this film on the list.  It could go much higher, actually.  It holds up as a really good 2 hour episode of Star Trek TNG.  But lacks that special something that makes a good motion picture.

Star-Trek-Generations-19947. Star Trek Generations – This was the first Star Trek film I saw in the movie theatre.  It holds a very special place in my heart because of that.  I love seeing Kirk and Picard working together.  Honestly, sentimentality puts it so high on the list.  I mean, my god, the Enterprise D looks AMAZING on the big screen!!  Sadly, it’s destroyed in the film.

The Great

ST_1L6. Star Trek (2009) – The first 10 minutes of this film are the most emotionally powerfully Trek on film.  Director JJ Abrams does a great job bringing Star Trek to a new generation.  It would be much higher on the list if 1) the plot didn’t rely so heavily on unbelievable  conveniences or lazy writing 2) the engineering room didn’t look like a brewery and 3) the villain was developed better.

StarTrekTMP015. Star Trek The Motion Picture – Some people call this “Star Trek The Motionless Picture” because it’s a high concept slow moving intellectual film.  This is pure Roddenberry, baby!


voyagehome4. Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home – Most non-trekkies (can we call them muggles?) would site this one as their favorite.  My husband calls it “the one with the whales”.  This is Trek comedy at its best!  And it has a nice little environmentalist message in the end.

The Best

stfc3. Star Trek First Contact – By far the best of the TNG movies, First Contact proves that Picard’s crew has what it takes on the big screen.  It’s thrilling, funny, scary, and all around perfection.  My only problem with this film is the villain.  The Borg are the ultimate Star Trek villain, but the creation of the Borg Queen undercuts what makes the Borg so scary.  They are terrifying because they cannot be reasoned with.  They are a hive mind- a mass of being with one single thought and goal.  They are not conflicted, they are Borg.  Paring all that down into a Queen makes them much more vulnerable.

maxresdefault2. Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country – This is my Star Trek!  I didn’t catch this movie in the theatre- but I owned on VHS as soon as it came out.  I was 12 at the time and I was OBSESSED with The Undiscovered Country.  I wore out that VHS tape.  I used to move my mom’s recliner into the middle of the living room and pretend it was Captain Sulu’s chair in the open scene.   When the shockwave hit the USS Excelsior I would throw myself onto the couch and hell “TURN HER INTO THE WAVE!”.   Years later this film still holds up.  Now  I understand the parallels with the cold war and Nicholas Myer’s brilliant direction.  Now I get teary eyed at the end when each actor’s signature signs off.

5-things-you-might-not-know-about-star-trek-ii-wrath-of-khan-30th-anniversary1. Star Trek II: The Wrath of Kahn – I don’t mean to sound like cliché but Star Trek II: The Wrath of Kahn is the ultimate Star Trek film.  Period.  The credit goes to Nicholas Myer and producer Harve Bennet who took the leftovers from The Motion Picture & a tiny budget and relaunched the franchise helping it to fulfill its potential.

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