“Star Trek Discovery” coming to CBS All Access in 2017!

CoFQpb4XgAEGpwgBryan Fuller has announced some details about the new Star Trek show coming in 2017 to CBS All Access.  The title of the new show will be Star Trek Discovery and the ship will be the USS Discovery NCC-1031.  The design is heavily based on the Star Trek Planet of the Titans Enterprise that Ralph McQuarrie designed back in the 70’s.  Check out the official tweet & preview video below!  Fuller also said that Star Trek Discovery will not be not episodic. Instead the writers are telling stories like a novel, chapter by chapter.  He also confirmed that it’s set in the prime universe (not the Kelvin timeline)! 

I think the name is a wonderful tribute to the Discovery Space Shuttle, currently on display in the Smithsonian.  But it also speaks to the best of Star Trek– the sense of adventure and exploration!

Of course now I have many many more questions.

  1. When is the show set?  This doesn’t look like a TNG era ship.
  2. Who is in the crew? I can’t wait to hear about casting!
  3. Fuller also said that Janeway is his favorite captain!  Here’s hoping for a female captain in Star Trek Discovery!


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