The Big Chair

Bryan Fuller tweeted out what we assume is a picture of the Captain’s chair for the 2017 tv show!  Here it is!


JJchairIt looks great, right?!  I love the wide arms- plenty of room for control panels.  It seems to be inspired by the Kelvin timeline USS Enterprise chair.  The more I look at this bridge the more I like it.  That include’s Pine-Kirk’s command chair.  I love the width of it!  It really “commands” the room.  I’d love to know what the controls on the arms do.  Bottom line– it’s a great chair on a great modern bridge.

VoyChairWith this posting, I decided it might be fun to take a look back at previous captain’s chairs.  Some are better than others.  I mean, poor Captain Janeway had to share one computer interface with her first officer.  It just doesn’t say “COMMAND”.  Maybe it’s because her seat isn’t centered in the bridge.  The CO and XO’s seats split center.

Build the Enterprise Captain's ChairCaptain Picard went thru a few chairs but the one that stands out is the USS Enterprise D chair from seasons 2-7 of The next Generation.  It looks comfy, right?  It’s only beige chair in our list, that’s for sure.  By itself that color choice might look odd, but in place on the bridge it fits right in.  The D bridge was designed to look comfortable and welcoming.  It was a ship of exploration on a mission to make peaceful contact with new species.  A comfy bridge makes perfect sense.

captain_kirk_chair_beauty_shotBy far the most famous command chair is Captain Kirk’s from The Original Series. This chair was built from an actual executive office chair from the 60’s.  Of course it was modified, but it still keeps that mid century design aesthetic.  This is the chair a young Mike Jones used to pretend he had.  I even make mock-ups of the control panels and taped them to the arms of my Mom’s recliner. This is a classic. It’s here to stay. I just wish it had a head rest (like the one if “Mirror Mirror” does).

340584_10101051236430835_2010239513_oOf course there are many more captains chairs from the TV shows, the movies, etc.  Picard upgrades to a dark red leather chair in the Enterprise E.  Sisco had a nice chair in the Defiant that had free-standing control consoles on both sides.  That was a cool idea.

So- which is my personal favorite?  I have to go with Kirk’s classic chair!  It’s held up in pop culture for 50 years and isn’t going anywhere soon!

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