Star Trek Beyond Trailer

The 1st trailer for Star Trek Beyond came out a couple days ago and the fans have been going crazy!  Most of their reactions have been pretty negative– even from the Trek actor family:


So, here are my thoughts:

  • This trailer isn’t aimed at us, the fans.  It’s aimed at the general movie going audience.  It will be shown before the new Star Wars movie, for example, and will hopefully make the causal movie goer want to come see some Trek.  It’s meant to be fun, full of adrenaline, and just grab the audience’s attention.
  • That being said, It may not be a very good representation of the full film.  If anything it poses more questions than it answers about the plot and overall tone of the film.  Trailers can be VERY manipulative and even misleading.  I’m holding out hope that there is a “Star Trek” theme in this movie.  Maybe it has an underlying message about racism, the environment, or man’s potential .  We really don’t know at this point.
  • Now, THAT being said, there were a few things in the trailer that I really didn’t like.
    • Do we have to destroy the Enterprise AGAIN?
    • Why is Kirk on a motorcycle?  I know he had one in the 2009 film, but REALLY?? Shouldn’t it at least be some kind of speeder?
    • I really hate the music.  I know that kid Kirk listened to some vintage 20th Century Beastie Boys in the 2009 film (while driving a vintage 20th Century car for some reason) but REALLY??  Why would these people like 250 year old music?  I don’t really get it. Plus it isn’t epic.  If they wanted to call back to the 2009 film why not use : Enterprising Young Men, by Michael Giacchino??  It’s beautiful! Here, have a listen:

  • I do love the new standard uniforms!  And the women get to wear rank insignia finally!!
  • Karl Urban is hitting it out of the park, again! His Leonard “Bones” McCoy is perfect.
  • I love that the trailer leaves me wanting to know more.  I mean, that’s the point, right?

What do you think?  Does this trailer make you want to see Star Trek Beyond?

UPDATE: Look- someone made a trailer with the Giacchino music!

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