I’m Going Back to School! #TrekClass


Syracuse University professor Anthony Rotolo has taught a Humanities course all about Star Trek since 2010.  This Fall he will offer a free and open “Star Trek” class to the public, independent from the university!!  Amazing, right?  I just had to sign up.  I can’t wait to see what kind of assignments I’ll be given in this online course.  I’ll be sure to keep you updated. – Mike

If you want to sign up for the course click here!

Here is more info about the course:

In #TrekClass, you will explore the human experience through the lens of the Final Frontier. Along the way, discover Star Trek’s incredible impact on popular culture, space exploration, scientific discovery and technology innovation.

Star Trek is perhaps the most iconic science fiction series of all time, forever enshrined in popular culture with phrases like “warp speed” and “beam me up.” Since its initial run in the 1960s, the Star Trek franchise has expanded across television, film, print and digital media, and spawned a global fandom — perhaps inventing the very idea of a modern fan community.

For decades, Star Trek has boldly gone where few television programs would follow. With five TV series and twelve films to date, the franchise is known for exploring the challenges and progress of humankind with an optimistic vision of the future that is all but unique in science fiction. With its imaginitive and often science-based presentation of technology, Star Trek has also achieved a reputation for predicting and even inspiring some of the most significant breaktrhoughs of our time.

As Captain Picard once said, “We have no fear of what the true facts about us will reveal,” and it is this spirit that inspires our mission to think critically about not only the 23rd and 24th centuries of Star Trek, but also the realities and issues of our own time.

For some students, this course will be an introduction to strange new worlds, alien civilizations and unusual concepts. Others may be acquainted with some or all of the Star Trek universe but discover new ways of interpreting and discussing the many forms of Star Trek media. Whether you’re a seasoned fan or just making first contact with the franchise, #TrekClass has been carefully planned to tell the story of Starfleet in a way that is approachable for the first-time viewer and delightful for the lifelong Trekker.

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