TNG Rewatch: “The Emissary”

Season 2, Episode 20

Watchers: Mike & Brendan


K’Ehleyr, A Badass

Everyone loves a good Worf episode, right?  Worf is one of the most beloved characters that the 80’s/90’s Star Trek franchise produced– especially since he crossed over into being a main cast member of two series.  Today’s episode is essential viewing for any Worf fan because we meet his old girlfriend who (SLIGHT SPOILER) becomes a little more important very soon:  K’Ehleyr!   It’s funny to think of a spoiler from a show that aired in 1989 but since Brendan hasn’t watched the rest of the series he has no idea what happens to K’Ehleyr!  Amazing, right?  I kind of envy him!  He gets to experience all this for the first time.

I like to keep it dark in here for the ladies.  - Riker

I like to keep it dark in here for the ladies. – Riker

But I’m getting ahead of myself.  Starting back at the beginning of the episode we see the senior staff playing poker in the dark.  At first I thought something was wrong with my TV but no… it’s just REALLY that dark in Riker’s quarters (at least I assume that’s where the poker game is).  I know this blog is turning into the Dr. Pulaski appreciation society, but I love how sassy she is when playing poker!

Brendan had two brilliant observations about this scene: 1) Why would you play poker with a computer?  Surely Data can’t bluff, right?  And he could totally count the cards.  Also, 2) Picard is definitely NOT playing poker with his officers.   Well just you wait, Brendan… just you wait….

The poker game is soon interrupted by a confidential message  & eventually talk to  Admiral Gromek who is calling to tell them nothing.  Ok, she tells them that they are rendezvous with a special emissary.   That’s it.  She can say no more.  Why?  Why be so secretive?  I mean, they can communicate over a secure channel right?  It just seems like the writers were stretching things out a little to add tension and buy time.

We soon learn that the special emissary is K’Ehleyr and she’s there with news that a Klingon sleeper ship is about to wake up.  These Klingons have been frozen for 80 years so they’ll think the war between the Empire and the Federation is still on.  There’s no real explanation as to why these Klingons were frozen.  Also, when they wake up maybe they’ll check their Facebook and see the the Klingon Empire was in a relationship with the UFP.  But anyway- all this is just an excuse to get Worf’s ex on board the ship!


Wait, what’s the safe word?

It doesn’t take long before they work out some sexual tension in the best way possible… by having sex.  Of course Klingon sex is pretty kinky!  It starts with growls, sniffing and blood.  I can’t imagine how it ends but needless to say K’Ehleyr & Worf must have taken time to fix their hair and bandage their wounds before that post-coital scene.   K’Ehleyr seems very satisfied but Worf wants something else.  He wants to put a ring on it.  Apparently by mating they’re already technically married in the Klingon tradition but he wants to make it official by “taking the oath”.  I’d never thought of this before, but Brendan was quick to point out “Did we just watch Worf lose his virginity?  This episode should be called The Forty Year Old Klingon Virgin.”  Of course maybe Worf wasn’t a virgin– maybe the Klingons are polygamists.   In any case, she says no. 😦 Poor Worf.


“Comfortable Chair.”

Klingon foreplay isn’t all this episode gives us.  We also get our first taste of Captain Worf!  I think Brendan is turning in quite a Trekkie because he LOVED the Klingon uniforms!  “Worf looks badass in that costume!  It’s so much better than the boring Starfleet pajamas.”   Yeah, I see some fun cosplay in someone’s future! 🙂 But getting back to Captain Worf, Michael Dorn has been making quite a fuss for a few years now pitching a new Star Trek TV show focused around his Worf character.  The movement has taken on the hashtag #WeWantWorf and if this episode is any indication, it would be awesome to see him in command!

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