How Many Hours of Star Trek Are There?

star_trek_command_metallic_wall_clockMy friends and I spent the weekend watching Harry Potter movies… ALL of the Harry Potter movies.  Our  marathon spanned 3 days and all 8 films.  It got me to thinking, could I marathon the Star Trek films the same way?  So I did some math.  There are 12 films to date.  Adding them all up it amounts to 23 hours, 15 minutes.  That’s totally doable in a 3 day weekend.  Friday night watch TMP after work.  Then it’s just the 5 other TOS movies on Saturday, the 4 TNG movies on Sunday and the two Abrams films on Monday.  Done.  But really, Trek is best on TV rather than on film.  So, what happens if we add the tv series into our marathon?

Well, the grand total adds up to 549 hours, 17 minutes.  Woah.  How long would it take to watch all of that?  Well, let’s assume that your schedule allows you to watch 12 hours of TV a day (not something I would recommend, btw).  It basically adds up to 6 weeks of solid Trek.  All day long.  More realistically, though I’d be able to watch an average of 2 hours a day with life getting in the way.  That means it would take me over 9 months.  Sounds like a life goal to me!!

Here are the numbers I was working with for my math:

Title Time
Star Trek The Original Series 65 h, 50 m
Star Trek The Animated Series 8 h, 48 m
Star Trek The Next Generation 130 h, 32 m
Star Trek Deep Space Nine 126 h, 8 m
Star Trek Voyager 126 h, 8 m
Star Trek Enterprise 68 h, 36 m
Star Trek The Motion Picture 2 h, 13 m
Star Trek 2 The Wrath of Kahn 1 h, 52 m
Star Trek 3 The Search for Spock 1 h, 45 m
Star Trek 4 The Voyager Home 2 h, 2 m
Star Trek 5 The Final Frontier 1 h, 46 m
Star Trek 6 The Undiscovered Country 1 h, 50 m
Star Trek Generations 1 h, 58 m
Star Trek First Contact 1 h, 51 m
Star Trek Insurrection 1 h, 43 m
Star Trek Nemesis 1 h, 56 m
Star Trek 2 h, 1 m
Star Trek Into Darkness 2 h, 13 m
Star Trek 2016  ? h, ? m
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3 Responses to How Many Hours of Star Trek Are There?

  1. cauldronofevil says:

    Thanks! You just solved a bar bet! 🙂

    Now, how many hours of Star Wars are there?

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