Star Trek TNG Rewatch Update

Earlier this Summer I started a rather ambitious project.  I decided to re-watch Star Trek The Next Generation from the be very beginning and keep a log of my journey in the form of YouTube videos. So far I’ve made 3 videos and covered the first 8 episodes.    You can watch these 3 videos below.

You might notice that I made the last video almost 2 months ago.  So… what happened?  Have I just been lazy and abandoned the whole thing?  Well I’ve watched another 9 episodes but haven’t found the inspiration to make video blogs about them.  To be honest,  I look back on my videos and am not very happy with them.  I have a few interesting thoughts- a couple memories that watching these shows brought up again.  But these videos still lack something— and I think that thing is entertainment value.  Even when I watch them I skip around and don’t watch the whole thing.

So… I’m faced with a choice.  Do I abandon this project?  OR do I re-tool it to make it better?  Here are some thoughts.

  • Maybe what I really need is a co-host.  Someone else who is either a Trekkie like me– or maybe someone who can provide a fresh perspective.
  • The format could also change.  When I started out I was going to do one video per episode.  But that idea quickly went away.  Making the videos is actually rather time consuming.  Putting together my notes, setting up the camera, shooting the video, loading it into iMovie, editing it, loading to Youtube, then further editing it there…. the whole thing takes a lot of work.
  • Maybe my re-watch shouldn’t be logged entirely on YouTube.  Maybe I should do it here on this blog!  I could still throw in the occasional video.   Though I should make it clear on my YouTube channel that you can’t get the whole picture there- you have to read the blog entries as well.  Hmm..
  • Another more radical option– I could switch to a podcast format.  Like what the guys over at Mission Log Podcast are doing.  Of course I have no idea how to make a podcast.
  • Part of the problem is starting with season 1 of TNG.  It’s THE WORST.  I wonder if I should jump ahead?  I’m not sure.  OR- I could break it down into 7 blogs– one for each season. Hmm…
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