Star Trek TheMikeJones Rewatch – Episode 1: Encounter at Farpoint

May 23rd 2014 marked the 20th anniversary of the airing of “All Good Things”- the series finale of Star Trek The Next Generation.  I feel that this is the perfect time for me to look back at the show and give it a through rewatch.   TNG is classic 80’s/90’s television and it has provided countless hours of entertainment and inspiration for me ever since I was 8 and it first premiered.  Now, I love the original series but TNG was my first Trek.

A little bit about this project.  I’ve started at the beginning (a very good place to start).  But I might not watch 100% in order.  I might jump around a bit– especially if it’s convenient for a guest star (like a friend) to do an episode with me and I want them to see a specific episode.

Ok- enough intro.  Here is the first episode.  Be gentle… this project is still a baby.  Maybe it’ll develop into something better soon!

Review: Star Trek TNG Encouter at Farpoint

Earl Gray Podcast:


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