Star Trek Retro Review Show?

I’ve been listening to a lot of Star Trek Podcasts lately.  It’s really got me thinking.  I have a lot to say about Star Trek and I’d LOVE to create my own Star Trek Review show to share my thoughts.  It would either be a podcast or a youtube show.  But I really don’t want to do it alone.  I have done some video blogging– my most recent attempt was last Summer.  While these were fun, I feel like I have a hard time carrying the show by myself.  I really need a co-host.

This person wouldn’t have to be a hard-core Trekkie (although that would be fine).  It could be someone who’s into watching along and reacting as a Trek newbie would.  That would be a nice contrast actually.
I think I’d mold the show so that we look at one episode (TOS, TAS, TNG, DS9, VOY, ENT) or one movie per podcast.  We’d approach it from both an in-world and real-world approach.  My co-host and I will have watched the episode, had time to gather our notes and then we’d jump into record/discuss.
I’d also do some homework on each show.  For, example, if we’d looking at the TOS episode “The Naked Time” I’d have read the Memory Alpha entry about it, checked Shatner’s book to see if he mentions it, read the section of George Takei book where he brings it up, read what the Star Trek Compendium says, the Star Trek Encyclopedia, and the Nitpicker’s Guide.   I’d love to bring all that kind of “real world” commentary on the episode into my review show.  What were the writers thinking?  What was Roddenberry trying to say?  What did the actors think?
Hmm.. maybe it’s just a dream. Or maybe I’ll make this dream a reality.  🙂
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