Geek Club!

I’ve been watching a lot of Big Bang Theory lately– in fact I’ve marathoned the whole show and now I’m caught up to the current season.  It’s such a fun show– and very relatable!  It also makes me a little jealous.  Wouldn’t it be fun to have a “gang” of geeky friends who always have a board game night, a video game night, a comic book store night… etc.   We could even make a podcast together like Fun with Flags!  Haha! 

Something else got me to thinking about forming a “gang”.  I was listening to “The Disney Hipster Podcast” the other day when I realized something.  It’s clearly just 4 close friends who get together, drink and eat and talk about a shared interest every week or so.  They happen to record it and publish it as a podcast.   It’s basically a little club!  

I’m a member of a Star Trek fan club– but it’s a correspondence chapter meaning we don’t actually meet in person we just communicate via e-mail, Facebook and the web.  While it should be fun to connect with people who also love Star Trek, I’ve found it to be a pretty empty experience.  My fellow club members live all over the country and all have such busy schedules.  We occasionally e-mail but the conversations never get too deep or interesting.  I also have a weird schedule so when they plan a “watch party” (an event where we all watch the same movie or episode and gather in a chat room to discuss) it’s usually when I’m working so I can’t do it.   We theatre folk have such strange schedules!

Anyway, I find myself fantasizing about starting my own little Star Trek fan club.  It would be small. Just a few close friends with a shared interest of Trek.  We’d gather once a month maybe- often at one of our apartments.  We’d eat together, drink and watch some Star Trek.  It could be a bit of a book club– or comic book club too. Sometimes it would be game night and we could play “Star Trek Scene It” or “Star Trek Settlers of Catan”.  Ooo.. or we could play Klingon Boggle like they do on Big Bang Theory!  Haha!  

We could also start a roleplaying campaign!  I have everything you need to play the Star Trek tabletop roleplaying game that was published a few years ago.  It’s a little different than D&D but we could get the hang of it.  We could set up a whole fictional ship and roles and titles for the purpose of the roleplay– that would be fun!  

Of course when the new JJ Abrams movie comes out in 2016 we’d go on opening day– maybe in costume!  And then there’s conventions and comic cons… lots of outings that we could make.  

So yeah.  This is all just in my imagination.  Me and my Geeky friends.  Sounds fun right? Interested?  

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