Star Trek Themed Thanksgiving Dinner?

Wouldn’t it be fun to theme your Thanksgiving (or Friendsgiving) feast to your favorite Sci-Fi franchise?  A Star Trek themed Thanksgiving dinner is easy enough.

First off, you can serve turkey- it’s canon!  In the TOS episode “Charlie X”, Captain Kirk tells the ship’s chef “On Earth today, it’s Thanksgiving. If the crew has to eat synthetic meat loaf, I want it to look like turkey.”  Later in the episode Charlie uses his powers to transform the meat loaf into real turkeys!   To make this episode part of your meal, just serve turkey with a label that says “meat loaf” but cross that our and write in “turkey”.   🙂

The fun doesn’t stop there– you can also invest in Ethan Phillips’s Star Trek Cook Book and serve dishes like Ocampa Potato Salad & Klingon Gagh!   Which go well with Romulan Ale (any blue drink will do).

Here’s a complication of Thanksgiving references I found on Youtube that might help inspire you. 🙂

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