Star Trek: The Exhibition

As I mentioned in the previous entry, one of the stops on our honeymoon was at  Star Trek: The Exhibition in Orlando Florida.

It was great!  Yes, it was small– just as reported.  But still, the model of the USS Enterprise Bridge from the original series was breathtaking to me.  I have to report that it wasn’t quite at the right scale, however.  And yes, there were some design differences like the number of steps from one level of decking to the next, and Spock’s station was wrong.  But still, sitting in the Captain’s chair was a dream come true for me!   I couldn’t get the smile off of my face. 🙂  In addition to the bridge, they had a Romulan shuttle from Star Trek Nemesis, an abundance of costumes, props, and shooting ship models from all the other shows and movies in the franchise.   Everything was real show-used items unless noted otherwise– most of it was real though.  As a theatre technician and a Trekkie, getting to see real props and costumes causes an inner struggle.  The tekkie in me wants to see how they made the props.  I was saying things like “Is that phaser just painted wood?”  But the Trekkie in me  was thinking “OMG–a real phaser!”

I’d read online that they don’t allow any photography and that if they catch you taking pictures, they ask to watch you delete the pictures from your camera. But there was no mention of this from the guy who sold us our ticket.  So… we snuck a shot of me sitting in the captain’s chair.  🙂

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