20 Years Ago….

I’m a very inconsistant blogger.  I know that.   My posting lapses often coincide with when I’m busy working.  Like right now I’m pretty busy with the Radio City Christmas Spectacular in Nashville TN.  (If you’re in town, come check it out!)  But that’s not really a good excuse.  I have 3 “1 show days” each week when I don’t have to be at work until 6:30pm.  I could be blogging all day prior to that.  But, alas, I do not.  And I think I know why.  I think I see blogging as a way to interact with other people.  And when I’m working I get the chance to interact with lots of people every day at the theatre.  That being said, here I am… BLOGGING!   So, let’s get to it!

Star Trek VI was released 20 years ago this week!  My god that makes me feel old!  The release of Star Trek VI coincides with the year that I became a hardcore Trekkie.  The stars were aligned back then.  The Next Generation was in their 4th (and arguably best) season.   The Original Series was airing on our local Fox affiliate 5 times a week– and I was LOVING it.  And then that same amazing original cast came back for one more movie– Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country.  Man, what a great movie!  Ah… life was so good 20 years ago!  I was in 7th grade and enjoying having little responsibility.    It was also around the same time as my first Star Trek convention!  John DeLance (Q) was the guest of honor, as I recall.  the convention was in downtown Knoxville in what is now the Knoxville Convention Center- near the Sun Sphere.  Star Trek VI wasn’t out on VHS yet– but you could pick up a bootleg copy at the convention.  Not that I did that!

Ok.  Nostalgia done.  Please return to your regularly scheduled programing.

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