I Found Star Trek on Broadway??

Once a year theatre professionals, actors, stage managers, stage hands, dramatists, volunteers, retailers, theatre managers, etc pull their resources and hold a big ole yard sale for charity!  The annual Broadway Flea Market benefits Broadway Cares/Equity Fights Aids.

At this year’s flea market (last weekend) I managed to have a Star Trek fueled geek-gasm.  At the Love, Loss, and What I Wore booth they were selling autographed playbills, posters, etc from the show’s long celebrity filled run.  Of course, Kate Mulgrew was in the show for a stint last year.  That’s right!  Star Trek Voyager’s own Captain Janeway was in an Off Broadway show.   Unfortunately I was out of town during her time in the show so I didn’t get to see her.  But thanks to the flea market now I have her autograph! Amazing, right? Hopefully she’ll come back to the big apple soon and do another show so I can finally see her in person.  She’s just amazing– so tallented!

Kate’s sig wasn’t the only bit of Trek at the Broadway Flea Market.  There was a book booth that randomly had some Star Trek TNG coloring & activity books from 1997!  Hilarious, right?  Of course I had to have them.  I’m not sure if I should color them and recapture my youth, save them to give to some awesome kid (a niece/nephew or child of a friend) one day– or just save them as collectable.  In any case, I’ll totally scan them in and share soon!

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