Captain! There be whales here!!

Tim and I went on a whale watch today! It was loads of fun. The whales were very active and seemed happy to come up and give us a show. This one beautiful whale named Hornbill came up along the aft side of the ship and made a dive showing us all his fluke or tail fin. I got some shots of him (below). The whale watch guide (who looked so much like Zac Efron he had the same name) told us that Hornbill is a humpback whale! Of course I immediately thought of Star Trek IV. Seeing one of these amazing creatures up close gave me a whole new perspective on the movie. I never really understood how massive these animals really are. They can grow up to 52 feet long!

Here are a few photos I thought I’d share. If you ever get a chance to go on a whale watch I highly recommend it! I also highly recommend sunscreen and Dramamine. 😉

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