Star Trek Sightings!

There’s a little game I like to play– Find the Star Trek! This happens when you’re out running errands or doing something completely not related to Star Trek and you find some fun bit of Star Trek merchandise or memorabilia. For example, finding Captain Kirk pez dispenser at the grocery store. I mean, a grocery store is the logical place to buy candy. But still when you walked into Stop & Shop you didn’t expect to see James T Kirk’s head in a bin along side Tweety Bird, right?

I recently had two fun findings at the movie theatre. Tim and I when we went to see Bridesmades at the local theater near his Mom’s house in Danvers, MA. The halls of this particular multiplex are decorated with older movie posters. For example, you might walk past a poster for Free Willy on your way to see Thor. I knew this but I didn’t know they had a Star Trek IV poster! I was very excited when I saw it! (photo below)

But the fun didn’t stop there. They also have the Star Trek Voyager Arcade Game! I’d never actually played this first person shooter game before. I wasn’t very good at it and died pretty quickly. It’s basically a zombie game with the borg standing in for the living dead. You have to shoot them right in the chest several times. As soon as they adapt to your phaser you re-modulate by shooting off of the screen. Ok– I made that up. In reality it’s not a phaser. It’s totally a gun and when you run out of bullets you reload by shooting off the screen. But… it’s fun to pretend that the game designers knew something about Star Trek. 🙂 I did a YouTube search and found a vid of the game to share with you. 🙂

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