A couple of weeks ago I wrote a blog entry about how Captain Janeway is OBSESSED with coffee. In that entry I said ” I’m not a slave to caffeine.” But since then I’ve had to re-examine myself a little. I drink a lot more coffee then I’d like to admit. I often pop into Dunkin Donuts for a “medium iced coffee with french vanilla, skim milk and two equals” when I’m out in the city. It gives me energy. Perks me up when I’m out running errands. I’d say I do this maybe twice a week. I also tend to drink coffee when I’m in rehearsal for a show. If I have 6 rehearsals in a week I’d say I go thru maybe 3 cups. And since getting the Keurig coffee pot at home (thanks to Gail) I’d say I brew a cup of my own a couple times a week as well. That puts me up to like 7 cups a week! This is a dramatic increase compared to a couple of years ago when I never drank the stuff. If I continue to increase my coffee intake I may soon be as addicted as Janeway herself! Then what will I be capable of?! Stay tuned to find out!!

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