Marina Sirtis Should Be the New Voice of the Computer!

Ever since the passing of Majel Barrett Roddenberry in 2008, there has been talk of who should voice the computer in in Star Trek 2012. Often called the First Lady of Star Trek, Ms. Roddenberry voiced the computer in every version of Star Trek dating back to the original series. She even recorded the computer voice for the J.J. Abrams film shortly before her death. Here is a You Tube movie with a compilation of her Computer Voice work:

But who should take over where she left off? Who should be the new voice of the computer in the upcoming movie! For me there is an obvious answer. MARINA SIRTIS! She is best known for playing Counselor Troi in The Next Generation and Voyager. And Majel played her mother, of course. Not only would Ms. Sirtis do an amazing job– it would keep the computer voice sort of “in the family”. 🙂

I’m not the only want who wants Ms. Sirtis to be the new computer voice. There are online polls addressing the matter and Marina herself is talking about it! check out this recent interview from

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