My Star Trek Birthday Party!

Sunday was my 32nd Birthday! Tim threw me a fun Star Trek themed birthday party and really went above and beyond! He made a kick-ass Enterprise Bridge Birthday Cake for me. 🙂 Check it out below. He even added “Happy Birthday Mike” to the main viewer display. 🙂 Very cool! BTW- there are Star Trek figures and playsets from the 2009 movie on clearance at Toys R Us in Queens right now. 🙂

In addition to eating delicious cake, my friends and I watched some of my favorite fun episodes of TOS and TAS, played some Star Trek Scene It and enjoyed some food even Neelix would approve of– 5 different kinds of nachos! 🙂

I also got some pretty cool gifts including comic books like Star Trek: The Motion Picture Trilogy. It’s a fascinating look at the three films. I also got a Star Trek bathrobe! It’s gold and looks like Captain Kirk’s command division uniform. Check it out over at

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