Blinking Lights & Glowing Diagrams

There’s a great Star Trek screensaver out there called System 47 from the folks over at It’s been around for years and simulates a computer display on the U.S.S. Enterprise E circa Star Trek: First Contact. The graphics and animation are really nice (video below). I’ve had it on my Macbook for… well… as long as I’ve had my Macbook. (The program is also available for Windows for you PC lovers.) System 47 has served me well but I’m kind of bored with it now a days. What I really want is a TOS era screen saver! True, the special effects on the bridge of the original Enterprise aren’t all that great by today’s standards, but a screensaver that shows the computer displays from Lt. Uhura’s Communications console would be pretty awesome! It can be animated more like the graphics on Star Trek: Phase II and have sound effects– the whole works!

I’ve searched the net but no one has made this yet. I don’t really understand how to but it wouldn’t be too hard I think for someone who understands programing. I did find some pretty cool photos of the original bridge on Greg_Weir’s Flickr Photostream. Below is a shot of Uhura’s station from one of the Star Trek: The Exhibition. Come on computer people! Somebody make this! šŸ™‚

Uhura's station
Photo (c) Greg Weir

System47 Enterprise E Screensaver Demo:

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