"There’s coffee in that nebula"

As I mentioned in an earlier post, I’m introducing Star Trek Voyager to my partner Tim. We’re currently in season 6 of our marathon and Tim has come to love 7 of 9 (of course). Jeri Ryan is really talented and really ads a lot to the show. BTW- Ms. Ryan is obsessed with twitter (@JeriLRyan).

But getting back to our Voyager marathon, one thing sings out to me more now than it ever did before. Janeway is OBSESSED with coffee. It seems like she always has a cup in her hand. “Keeps you sharp” she says. Maybe she’s right. We just got a Keurig coffee maker as a gift. Maybe I should pop in a pod whenever I watching an episode of Voyager. It can even be a drinking game. Take a shot of espresso every time you see Janeway drinking… or something like that.

It’s obvious that our favorite Captain (in the delta quadrant) has an addiction. It’s made me look at myself and ask if I have any similar crutches. I’m not a slave to caffeine. I don’t take afternoon tea (earl gray. hot.) I do have quite a sweet tooth, however. Ice cream. THAT is my addiction! Summer will be here soon and I can’t help but want a bowl of ice cream on a daily basis (at least). Still, it’s no match for Janeway’s need for coffee. Do you have any addictions?

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