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Some guys start their day with a cup of coffee and reading the morning newspaper. I start my day with a bowl of cereal and reading Star Trek News! I always check the news feed at the official CBS web page as well as checking a few blogs like Trek Movie. But what if that’s not enough? I still have half a bowl of cheerios left and I’m all out of Trek news. Luckily some of my favorite Star Trek actors are active tweeters! It’s a lot of fun to read actual thoughts and messages people like George Takei, William Shatner and others. Twitter makes these celebrities seem a little more “real”. Unlike some famous people, these tweets aren’t written by a PR firm or a marketing department. When you read Leonard Nimoy’s tweets you’re reading Leonard Nimoy’s actual words. I think he likes connecting to his fans so directly. Spock isn’t the only one either– at last year’s NJ convention Jeri Ryan told everyone in the crowd to follow her on Twitter.

Here are some of my favorite recent tweets from some familiar friends:

Family Guy gave me a hilarious “shout out” last night. Have you seen it?

Working on Transformers. Isn’t it about time ??!! LLAP

Another pic of tonight’s stage in Auckland NZ. Show begins in a couple of hours. My best, Bill

7 of 9 Doctors agree you should be watching tomorrow: The other 2 couldn’t be reached for comment. 😉

Roses are also in bloom all over my neighborhood. I took a long walk just to admire the beauty that Spring brings.

Now following @ She makes me laugh.

Here is a list of Star Trek related Twitter feeds:

Star Trek News/Blogs



TOS Cast Members
@WilliamShatner (William Shatner)@TheRealNimoy (Leonard Nemoy)
@GeorgeTakei (George Takei)@RealNichelle (Nichelle Nichols)

TNG Cast Members
@BrentSpiner (Brent Spiner)
@levarburton (LeVar Burton)@wilw (Wil Wheaton)

Voyager Cast Members
@JeriLRyan (Jeri Ryan)

Star Trek 2009 Cast Members@ZacharyQuinto (Zachary Quinto)
@simonpegg (Simon Pegg)@zoesaldana (Zoe Saldana)

If you want to follow me, I’m @themikejones. 🙂

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